Welcome to Downtown Sylvania’s DORA!

Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area

Compostable Cups and Stations
Downtown Sylvania’s DORA Cups are 100% Compostable and made from vegetables! Look for the Red compost bins downtown to dispose of your DORA Cups! The City of Sylvania takes the cups to the city’s composting facility (please do not dispose of garbage, glass, aluminum or plastic in the compost bins).


Sylvania’s DORA
The Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) launched on May 1, 2019 in a portion of Downtown Sylvania (see map). The Sylvania DORA allows patrons of one of the 6 participating restaurants and bars to carry up to 16 oz. of an open alcoholic beverage in a designated cup. The cup must be taken outside of the establishment and enjoyed in the public right of way (which includes sidewalks and streets) within the DORA boundaries.


Covid-19 Rules

Lucas County Health Department Commission Eric Zgodzinski has reinstated the Downtown Toledo Outdoor Refreshment Area in downtown Toledo, the Adams Street Outdoor Refreshment Area and the City of Sylvania Downtown Outdoor Refreshment Area effective Friday, May 15, 2020. In order to maintain a safe environment in light of COVID-19, the following is in effect for for DORA:


Noon–10pm from Sunday through Saturday


Patrons are discouraged from traveling from one location to another. If an individual finds himself/herself in a group, please spread out and keep the group under 10 in size.


DORA cups must still be filled from the inside of the restaurant. The wait staff may carry the cup to patrons seated in their outdoor chairs. Patrons may carry their own DORA cup out of the restaurant and to the sidewalk. Cups must be used outside only. Patrons cannot carry cups into another business location.


Beer, wine, and liquor are all allowable drinks in DORA cups.No cans, glass bottles, or outside drinks are permitted within the boundaries.


Cups must stay within the DORA boundaries which are designated by the red line on the map. Look for the signs outside on the streets (also shown above)! Leaving the DORA with an alcoholic beverage breaks State of Ohio and City of Sylvania open container laws.

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